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With the number of projects going on in Alberta, toilet facility standards must be improved.

Our quart flushing system and auto shut off faucets support efficient use of water while supporting Health and Safety with a hygienic washroom facility.

Premium Portable Washrooms will add to the degree of professionalism your organization provides to its clients.

The Disadvantages of Plastic Portable Toilets

Feces pile high and are visible to users. The waste holding tanks are too small, only 60 gallons compared to our CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved units with a positive seal and 350 gallon septic holding tank.

There is nowhere to clean your hands in a plastic portable washrooms, users are lucky if there is sanitizer, but that doesn't clean your hands, it leaves you with a residue that builds use after use.

Advantages Onsite

A) At first glance: Premium portable washroom units are different from the typical porta potty as they have porcelain flush toilets and running water to provide a sanitary solution to keep employees healthy.

They are made of steel, not plastic; they can be heated so they do not freeze up in winter use. They are self-contained units with male and female sides each with a flush toilet, sink, auto shut off facets, mirror and high output ventilation.

The setup is quick and straight forward.

Premium portable washrooms help improve productivity, health & safety, servicing, loyalty and morale.

B) Productivity: How often do people leave the job site to use the washroom at a fast food restaurant? Time is money, when people leave to use the toilet it is not an efficient use of well paid crews (please see below for cost estimate).

C) Health and Safety: Need to provide a sanitary solution, when people choose not to use the plastic washrooms, safety can be sacrificed. As well, people spread germs with unsanitary plastic washrooms which can increase sick days.

D) Servicing: Plastic portable washrooms have a very small sewage holding capacity. The ratio of servicing plastic portable washrooms to premium portable washrooms is 6:1. Our waste holding tank is 350 gallons, 6 times the size as the plastic portable washrooms resulting in substantially fewer sewage removals.

E) Loyalty: Your employees will notice the step up on the washrooms provided and they will want to stick with you as an employer

F) Morale: Happy people are productive people. No question, your crews will be happy with your decision to provide a suitable washroom facility. Productivity will improve to assist in finishing the job on time and on budget

Do people even use the plastic washrooms on sites? Time away from site = Money, productivity and deadlines are sacrificed.


Cost Advantages

Below are the annual cost of 10 minutes wasted toilet time per employee, per day (Portable Sanitation Association International):

# of Employees
Hourly rate 5 10
15 $3,187.50 $6,375.00
20 $4,250.00 $8,500.00
25 $5,312.50 $10,625.00
30 $6,375.00 $12,750.00

What if they spent more than 10 minutes per day going elsewhere to use the washroom? Below is the annual cost of 20 minutes wasted toilet time per employee, per day:

# of Employees
Hourly rate 5 10
15 $6,375.00 $12,750.00
20 $8,500.00 $17,000.00
25 $10,625.00 $21,250.00
30 $12,750.00 $25,500.00

Formula: Hourly Rate divided by 60 Minutes Per Hour x 10 Minutes x Number of Employees x 255 Days Per Year.

Who Uses Our Portable Washrooms?

Construction Companies, Oil and Gas sites, Filming Crews, and companies that have had their washrooms on the fritz.


Employee Morale + Requirement/Demand

A recent client of ours, Devitt & Forand was required by their client (CO-OP), and its union to provide suitable washroom facilities. The plastic portables would not suffice in this situation.

The superintendent had the following feedback:

Barry Kostiuk (Superintendent):

Our crew really appreciated the warm washrooms and being able to wash their hands with water. It really made them happy. The washrooms were easy to keep clean since they were warm and didn't freeze up. The septic tank was much larger than the plastic washrooms we’ve used in the past so we didn’t need to have them serviced near as often. This ended up saving us money. They are also ideal for moving around a job site, it makes life a lot easier. I hope to rent these again for our projects coming up.”


What Makes Our Units Different From a Typical Porta Potty?

We asked a few of our clients, here is what they said:

Ellis Don (Mark Skierka):

It feels a lot cleaner, it is nice to have running water, there is actually soap, it generally doesn’t smell and they have a light which is nice.”

Carson Energy Services Ltd. (Mickey Macguire):

It is like using the washroom at home

Norwest Corporation (Tom Becker):

More sanitary, cleaner, warmer, the crew appreciates them and that we’ve taken the extra care

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